Truth Proof Report 84 - big cat

Reported to Paul directly March 2021. June 2008

It just seems an odd place for a large cat to be!

I was literally under the Humber Bridge. I’m actually from Northumberland and I was in hospital in Hessle. I was a diver at the time and I was in the hospital down on the Humber as I needed to go into a decompression chamber after a diving accident.

In between the dives I would take myself off for a walk and ended up on the banks of the Humber River.

It was mid morning on a wet dreary day around 11.00 am. I can’t think of the exact date without checking my logs but it was June 2008.

I’ve never seen anything else and I’ve always wondered what was a big cat doing roaming around the banks of the Humber. I was about 50 metres from it and it was side on, we literally stared at each other and it took itself off back into the greenery in the wooded area.

Very odd experience.

Best wishes



Paul Sinclair

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