Truth Proof Report 81 - black shape in the sky

Reported from the Truth Proof web site March 2021Late Sunday afternoon in April 2017

It was full daylight and there was a blue sky clear weather in Hook, North Hampshire UK.

I saw from my bedroom window a rotating black rugby ball shaped object travelling from north to south. It turned over and over as it moved pausing for a few seconds and appeared to be changing shape.

It was about the size of a small car. It was all black with no lights and making no sound at all and it changed from the rugby ball shape. It looked as though it was expanding out at the sides just as it slowed down before it changed direction. I suppose it was at the similar height that a helicopter might fly at. It didn’t register to take a photo or call my partner - I was just mesmerised!

It suddenly started moving in a westerly direction and disappeared!



Paul Sinclair

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