Truth Proof Report 214 - time loss

Date of sighting, Wednesday 6th September

Hi Paul,

I have been watching your YouTube channel for over a year and without your work I would have been unaware of the strange phenomena around North Yorkshire. I have always been interested in UFO’s but, I really love your work on Wolf-men and the fact that this is and has been happening in England (rather than in America), a 100 miles away from my home is amazing.

I live in Nottingham and last week came up to Bridlington to do a ‘Truth Proof’ tour. I stayed from Monday to Thursday I went to Flamborough, Danes Dyke, Short Lane, Bempton, Speeton, Blake-howe Lane, Staxton (Spital Inn, which has unfortunately been closed for 3 years), Flixton, Hunmanby, Willy Howe and finally the Rudston Monolith.

It was an amazing trip and was hoping to see something unusual, particularly in Dane Dyke, but I didn’t, accept for a shaft of light on a photo at the entrance of the beach side of the Dyke, which I didn’t see at the time of taking the photo, however, I believe is possibly a reflection of the sun (I have enclosed the picture).

However, there was a very strange missing time phenomena during my time on Bempton Cliffs. It was Wednesday the 6th September around midday and I went there with the purpose of walking from Bempton to Speeton, but there was a very bad sea mist and visibility was probably about 30 yards, however, I still decided to make the trek. The fact that there was a mist was quite spooky and when walking with the sea and cliff top on my right and the open fields with the haystacks vaguely visible through the mist to my left, the thought of Dartmoor and the Hound of the Baskerville's came into my mind (and the thought of a wolf-man too).

It was a very clammy and humid day and the walk seem to take ages and many times during the walk I stopped for a second and decided to walk back to Bempton, but reluctantly, I carried on thinking that while I am here I have the time and may not get the chance to return here again for a while. During the walk I met an Australian lady on the path, she told me that she was going to Bempton and we chatted for a minute or so and went our separate ways, however, finally after about 1 hour 15 mins I saw the white houses of Speeton through the mist and the start of the beach to my right. I had a few chats with other walkers who were on the cliff top for about 5 minutes then started on my way back to Bempton. I must admit that I was pretty pissed off walking on the way back because I hadn’t achieve anything, just wasted time on a fruitless walk, but after about 20 minutes I saw the Bempton Cliffs RSPB sign to my left (now the cliff was on my left and the fields to my right) and I thought to myself that’s quick I have only been walking 20 minutes and I am back in Bempton, then the Australian lady appeared out of the mist on her return journey to Speeton.

I jokingly mentioned to her that I had seemed to have returned back much quicker than on the outward leg of the journey and we both agreed that the return trip always seems quicker, but I did say with a laugh ‘I feel that I have been teleported back’. We parted and within a few minutes I saw the vague outline of the first viewing platform (which I think is Jubilee Corner?) and people standing there trying to see the birds. I was rather shocked at how fast I made it back to Bempton: 1 hour 15 mins out and 20 mins on the way back. Now Paul, I cannot say definitely that I was 1 hour 15 on the way out, I didn’t time it, but I am a fit 57 year old Sports Therapist, in good shape and was walking at a reasonable pace and you may know how long that walk should take better than me. All I can say is that it seemed to take that long on the outward leg, but on my life it seemed 20 mins or even less on the return.

I wasn’t sure if missing time was part of the strangeness of this area, but I had a search of your YouTube videos and found one you posted about 3 years ago called ‘ Weird Experiences’, where you talk about fishermen having this experience and you burying watches to test this theory, hence the reason for the email. A big thank you for all your written and video work regarding this fascinating subject. I am happy for you to relate my experience on your channel if you wish.

Best Wishes



Paul writes: An interesting report Michael. You create the atmosphere of your experience very well.

white streak in the sky

Photograph taken by Michael at Danes Dyke


Paul Sinclair

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