Truth Proof Report 210 - The Sinclair family experience the paranormal

Date of sighting August 2023


Paul here....

On Saturday the 6th of August myself, Mary, our daughter Jessica and her husband, Nick, plus grandson, all jumped into my old Honda CRV and made the 6 hour long journey to Scotland for a holiday.

We had rented a large house that was situated just yards away from Rosslyn chapel. The idea was to follow my family tree to its point of origin, William Sinclair the founder of Rosslyn Chapel. A good friend had previously done out family tree, and to my amazement discovered that Willian St Clair was my 17th generational grandfather.

So it only seemed fitting that we visited the chapel.

Rosslyn was wonderful and the chapel lives up to its reputation, small but packed to the rafters with intricate carvings and ancient symbolism. One of the guides told us that William St Clair wanted to create a stone Bible.

As impressive as Rosslyn chapel was, nothing could have prepared us for our stay at college Hill House. The house dated from 1660 had its own story to tell, perhaps it was the magic of standing in the shadow Rosslyn that made it such a strange and wonderful place. Or is it as simple that location is key and both buildings are situation on a very strange plot of land?

On the second night of our visit myself, Nick and Jessica took a late night walk alongside the chapel to look over into Roslyn Glenn. This was to be the only time that I saw anything unusual. A light suddenly appeared on the top of a wall that bordered the chapel, I only saw it briefly because it moved at great speed. I immediately said to Jessica and Nick "did you see that?" Nick admitted that he saw the light but couldn't explain what it was. Being a very level headed type of man he said it could have been an insect caught in a light; there were no lights on top of the wall. The only lights were those surrounding the chapel and they were hidden behind a seven foot wall.

Rain followed us almost everywhere we went that week which left little room to explore the Glen at the side of Rosslyn Chapel but that did not stop us having an amazing time. We visited Edinburgh and Bamburgh castle; both locations were amazing, I had been to Edinburgh many times as young boy when visiting my grandparents, but only now did I appreciated the incredible architecture.

But at the end of every day we had to come back to College Hill House, and something about that place touched me - I knew it as soon as I stepped inside. We told a few of the tour guides who worked in Rosslyn where we were staying, and their eyebrows immediately raised and said "You may have some Strange Experiences in that house!"

And they were right.

It would be a lie to say I had any strange experiences in the house. Jessica our daughter heard ancestral type singing on the landing during the early hours of the morning. My wife Mary says she saw a shadow pass the top of the landing. And all three of them saw small lights in the living room moving about. I found it strange place, yet welcoming, a beautiful house in which to spend a few days.

Someone local to the village spoke to my wife and asked her if she was enjoying her stay. Mary immediately said that she was not having good night sleep because of the unease she felt in the bedroom. He told her that the House was "crawling with ghosts". An interesting thing to say, which backed up what some of the tour guides at Roslyn chapel had told us. I am mindful that the house is literally at the other side of the wall to Roslyn Chapel


Paul Sinclair


Paul Sinclair

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