Truth Proof Report 209 - possible Sasquatch

Date of sighting August 2017


My name is Bob.

I have had quite a lot of strange things happen throughout my life. I haven't paid them much attention until I started to listen/ watch other peoples experiences.

This takes place in Moab, Utah, USA in August 2017. Myself, my now ex wife and a friend were motorcycling around North America and rented a house in Moab , Utah for 2 nights. The house faces Moab hospital. The rear opens on to the bush and hills of Moab, and the fence to the rear was missing. Mule deer were coming up to the back fence line. On the first day I inspected the rear garden which was flagged / patio on the half nearest the house, and grass from there to the fence line.

Myself and my wife were sat at the side of the house on the first night (which is where the front door was). Half way down was a fence and gate leading to the back garden. It was about 10pm and was dark. As we sat chatting I heard what sounded like a chimpanzee making a low oo oo oo sound that starts low and gradually speeds up and get higher in tone. The typical noise that you hear at the zoo. Coming from somewhere at the rear of the property.

After I had heard it about 4 times I felt a bit uneasy . By this time my wife had noticed it and was asking me what that noise was? She was also feeling a bit nervous. This lasted probably between 5 to 10 minutes, with the sound every 30 seconds to 1 minute. We both went into the house, as we didn't feel safe. I didn't fancy fighting a chimp off . We didn't hear anything else that night.

The next morning I went to look in the rear garden and found a fresh branch, complete with leaves, broken of bitten off a tree and thrown or left on the patio area. This was 3 feet long and the thick end was as thick as the base of my little finger (18mm). My immediate thought was, was this left here as a sign or signal? It could have been a chimp that was loose. It could be a chimp that was a neighbour's pet? But surely we would have heard it over the 48 hours we were there?

As I have done a bit of research, it has been mentioned that people have heard what they describe as chimp sounds when investigating Sasquatch . I do believe that Sasquatch exist, mainly due to the Patterson / Gimlen film. Who knows?


Bob , in Northwest England.


Paul: Thank you sharing this strange and exotic experience.


Paul Sinclair

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