Truth Proof Report 21 - Giant figure

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Report 21:

Report sent to Paul Sinclair on 10-12-2018.:

Danes Dyke entity - we are a bit short on details of this one - if the original sender would get in touch, we would like to know more...

"We used to regularly go to Danes dyke and have fires on a night and explore the supposed 'hauntings' that occur at Danes dyke.

The last time we were their we had a fire and at one point we thought somebody was watching us. After thinking nothing of it and looking away for a few minutes I looked back and the figure was still there, I walked over to see if they were okay or if there were a problem. I took a shovel that we had used to scrape away earth to make the fire.

I stood about 6 - 7 ft away from the figure, they said nothing, didn't move at all. I got scared and banged the shovel on the floor a few times and this person or thing still didn't move, not even a flinch; I'm 6ft3 and this figure was way above my height, I'm talking 7 ft 7ft 5.

After getting no reaction I got scared and ran back, we all left out of fear. On the way out I looked back again and whatever it was jumped down into the bottom of the dyke and that drop is far too big for a human to get down without injury."

"anonymous - please supply more details"  

danes dyke

Danes Dyke

Typical countryside near Danes Dyke, Bridlington


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