Truth Proof Report 145 — lights in the sky

via the Truth Proof websiteEaster Sunday 17th April 2022

At 2206 hours on Sunday 17th April 2022, I let my dog out into the back garden and immediately on stepping outside my attention was drawn to a bright flashing pinhead of blue white light in the sky.

I stood and observed this light which was flashing randomly and to varying degrees of brightness each time, from very bright to quite feint. I counted how many times it flashed which was 7 times before disappearing. It was static initially and then seemed to start moving very slowly, travelling from the direction of West North West towards South South East.

Another pinhead of flashing blue white light then caught my eye in a different part of the sky overhead, this was moving very slowly and flashed slowly and randomly and again to different levels of brightness. This light was moving from South to North and as it moved I counted it flash at least 13 times before it ended up disappearing behind a line of trees. This second flashing light was accompanied only a matter of seconds later by a very tight cluster of two or three warm white coloured lights which were steady and did not flash, heading along the same track.

I live in a very quiet rural area and none of these lights were accompanied by any sound, or other lights such as navigation lights. They were just pinheads of light similar in size to the visible celestial objects in the sky to the naked eye. There were no visible condensation trails and there were no aircraft registered as being in the area according to one of the well known flight tracking applications.

The first light appeared from the approximate area over Fridaythorpe, East Yorkshire heading generally towards Wetwang, and the second light along with the small cluster of lights appeared over Wetwang heading generally towards Sledmere.


Paul replies: Amazingly quick report this Steve, which is why Don has posted it the same evening!


Coming in to Wetwang


Paul Sinclair

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