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Night people book

Night People

Paul Sinclair   author

Night People is the fourth book by Paul Sinclair, but the first one specifically autobiographical. Tracing his boyhood in rural Yorkshire in the sixties and seventies he gives well observed insights into village life which unfold into his being beset by the paranormal.

NOTE: Although this is the fourth book written by Paul, it is NOT Truth Proof 4. Truth Proof 4 — is the fourth, and the latest, in the series of reports of Paul's researches. Order Truth Proof 4 here

Paul relates how his life was repeatedly visited by various phenomena and the ensuing loneliness which changed his own and his family’s lives for ever.
  While he conveys a remarkable objectivity and acceptance, he documents his progress from victim to established authority and researcher in the field of UFOs, cryptids, apparitions and poltergeists. The author stoically resists the temptation to feel malice or explain and categorise his experiences; he does however convey powerfully to the reader the emotional impact his experiences have had on his life. Not a book perhaps for the solitary reader on a stormy night.

259 pages / published 2020
5¾ x 8¼ inches (A5)
 10+ copies available

Price £11.99



Whitley Strieber ~ England’s green and pleasant land can be a very strange place, as Paul Sinclair’s new book demonstrates.

Nick Pope ~ Paul shines a light not just on anomalous phenomena, but on the human aspects of all this.

Howard Hughes ~ This book took courage and perseverance to compile.

Robbie Williams ~ I love how Paul writes — which to be honest with you is at times terrifying.

Philip Mantel ~ Paul Sinclair... is just honest and direct, irrespective of the subject.

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Annie P  ★★★★★  Wow!!! What a fantastic read, I couldn’t put the book down . I agree with a previous review , after being hooked on the live streams and podcasts, I can hear Paul telling his accounts.

Kim K  ★★★★★  It's nearly impossible to put down once you've cracked it open! Night People may likely draw forth long suppressed memories for some, as many of the events the author recounts will resonated within the threads of our Human collective.

Amanda  ★★★★★  A Amazing. This book has changed my life. The first accounts of Paranormal events that I have found to be completely credible. The truth I have been looking for so long. I read the book in one go, couldn’t put it down! After listening to Podcasts and YouTube, I can hear Paul speaking the words!!
I am hooked, about to read the other books.
Would defy anyone not to be truly fascinated. A MUST READ!

Nicola  ★★★★★  A frightfully honest book. Paul’s very own up and personal truth-proof. A must read.

Daisy Wren  ★★★★★  Gripping from the start. A brave, yet shocking account of personal experiences. A family effected through the generations. You will not be disappointed, and this book and it is going to expand your mind further than you ever managed. Brilliant.

Lee  ★★★★★  Out of the whole series of books this is the one I particularly enjoyed . Mainly because Paul recounted some of his very personal experiences, some of which must have been very difficult to reveal. I really was enthralled by Paul’s encounter with the ‘Click’ people! He was very brave in recounting that tale , leaving himself open to harsh criticism. I can’t say that I believe ALL the tales in the books or agree with all of Paul’s theories; however I can say that each book has been a real page turner that has left me wanting more! Nobody researches in such depth as Paul Sinclair. He goes to the nth degree of detail . I can recommend that you give Paul’s books a read . They are particularly good on a winter’s night when the wind, rain and darkness are pressing at the bedroom window. Make sure you double check those locked doors tonight! You never know what is creeping around in the dark!

Simon Laxon  ★★★★★  This book is a change to Paul's usual format of strange happening around Yorkshire and other parts of the UK. This is a personalised account of Paul's own high strangeness. It details events that have affected Paul from an early age and which have continued into adulthood. I can sympathise with what he went through and applaud his honesty in recalling these incidents. I can truly say that you need to read this with an open mind and not dismiss it as fantasy. I believe that what has been happening to Paul has played a big part in who he is and has helped make him one of the finest seekers of truth today.