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truth proof 4 book

Truth Proof 4

Paul Sinclair   author

Truth Proof 4 follows on from his autobiographical, Night People, and returns to Paul's own researches.

... This volume is subtitled, Beyond Reasonable Doubt. It finds Paul still trying to link places, people, time and a wide range of phenomena.

264 pages / 72 illustrations & maps/ published 2021
5¾ x 8¼ inches (A5)
 10+ copies available

Price £11.50

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Whitley Strieber: Author and renowned lecturer

Mysterious and provocative stories about what could be the most magical corner of the magical British Isles. Paul Sinclair walks many a dark and misty path in his ongoing effort to discover and understand. I urge you to pick up Truth Proof 4. You will not put it down until you read the last, delicious word. And then you will ask yourself, “when will there be more?” A wonderful combination of delight and wisdom.

Howard Hughes: Broadcaster, journalist and presenter of “The Unexplained” podcast

I've known Paul since he started his researches... He did his first audio interview with me. In my radio lifetime I've spoken with hundreds of authors and researchers... And I know Paul to be honest, diligent, hugely committed and hardworking — He writes compellingly, three-dimensionally and from the heart. "Truth Proof 4" is the latest in an excellent line - another "must read”.

Nick Pope: Author and former Ministry of Defence employee

The latest in this ever-growing series of Truth Proof books features UFOs, cryptids and other high strangeness, resulting in a fascinating blend of paranormal phenomena, with more than a dash of the dark side. The mix of fascinating cases and insightful analysis makes for a book that will generate a lot of interest, discussion and debate.

Dr Irena Scott: Author, scientist and UFOlogist:

Sinclair enters the complex and controversial world of high strangeness and gathers vast information to affirm this and show the happenings are real. He has spent much feet on the ground time gathering witness accounts. A book of real people and real experiences that you can't put down.

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Nicola  ★★★★★  A compelling read! Thoughtful, fascinating and well researched. Once again, another outstanding book. The proof is out there… what do we do with it?