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truth proof 4 book

Truth Proof 4

Paul Sinclair   author

Truth Proof 4 follows on from his autobiographical, Night People, and returns to Paul's own researches.

... This volume is subtitled, Beyond Reasonable Doubt. It finds Paul still trying to link places, people, time and a wide range of phenomena.

264 pages / 72 illustrations & maps/ published 2021
5¾ x 8¼ inches (A5)
 10+ copies available

Price ÂŁ11.99



Whitley Strieber: Author and renowned lecturer

Mysterious and provocative stories about what could be the most magical corner of the magical British Isles. Paul Sinclair walks many a dark and misty path in his ongoing effort to discover and understand. I urge you to pick up Truth Proof 4. You will not put it down until you read the last, delicious word. And then you will ask yourself, “when will there be more?” A wonderful combination of delight and wisdom.

Howard Hughes: Broadcaster, journalist and presenter of “The Unexplained” podcast

I've known Paul since he started his researches... He did his first audio interview with me. In my radio lifetime I've spoken with hundreds of authors and researchers... And I know Paul to be honest, diligent, hugely committed and hardworking — He writes compellingly, three-dimensionally and from the heart. "Truth Proof 4" is the latest in an excellent line - another "must read”.

Nick Pope: Author and former Ministry of Defence employee

The latest in this ever-growing series of Truth Proof books features UFOs, cryptids and other high strangeness, resulting in a fascinating blend of paranormal phenomena, with more than a dash of the dark side. The mix of fascinating cases and insightful analysis makes for a book that will generate a lot of interest, discussion and debate.

Dr Irena Scott: Author, scientist and UFOlogist:

Sinclair enters the complex and controversial world of high strangeness and gathers vast information to affirm this and show the happenings are real. He has spent much feet on the ground time gathering witness accounts. A book of real people and real experiences that you can't put down.

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Lee  ★★★★★  Well, I have just finished reading Paul’s Truth Proof 4 and once again wasn’t disappointed. A cracking read! Some very interesting tales indeed. It really does make you wonder what is going on in the area Paul researches. Tales range from the downright scary to the bizarre. Again, I don’t say that I can believe EVERY tale told but the book is a page turner for sure. Something is going on around the North Yorkshire Coast and Paul Sinclair is determined to find out what that is! I am now going to order the one book missing from my collection TruthProof 3, and if you have even the slightest interest in UFOs, the bizarre, unusual, unexplained and spooky, then I recommend Paul’s books because he goes into the utmost detail of research.

John Dennison  ★★★★★  Over the years having read many many books on UFOs and strange phenomena I would put Paul's books in the top bracket. Just finished Truth Proof 4 and it had me hooked start to finish. In fact I didn't want it to finish, I wanted more. Anyone remotely interested in cryptids, UFOs or just the downright strange needs to read not just this book but the full truth proof series.

Stephen Bradshaw  ★★★★★  Paul Sinclair stands out from his peers with original and first-hand accounts. Honest and open reporting, an absolute delight to read. Paul's books just get better and better. If you want original work and pain-staking research then these series of books are a must read for anyone interested in UFO's and the paranormal.

Bob Brown  ★★★★★  Paul is number 1 in the field of researching the strange and unusual; you must read the book!

Terry Brown  ★★★★★  I found out about Paul's work a good few years ago from a close friend of mine. After a quick browse I noticed he was a author of a couple of books. Out of interest I ordered the first book then after that I must admit I was curious to what was in book 2. Again the 2nd did not disappoint. Since then I followed all of Paul's work and the way the books are written and edited with a clear written out description of the area, with photos and drawings — it's almost like being there. All the research and accounts in book 4 are fascinating — some accounts are a bit out there but worth reading as the area is a area of high strangeness. Altogether I thoroughly enjoyed this title and I highly recommend reading it. It's worth reading from Paul's first book to his recent I find this would give the reader a good understanding into the research and a idea of the area covered.

Simon Laxon  ★★★★★  Just finished reading and was not disappointed. I became aware of just how much research Paul does for each volume, after reading Truth Proof 1, 2 & 3. He never fails to challenge the "norm" and delves deep into each sighting and report. The reader is left to make their own conclusions, however improbable the outcome. I am now looking forward to reading Truth Proof 5 and watching Wolf lands. I highly recommend buying and reading this book.

Gren  ★★★★★  I first heard Paul on a Howard Hughes podcast about 2 years ago then when lockdown landed, and I was always in the garden - then I began to listen more and more to him then found out about the truth proof books. I bought the latest edition Truth Proof 4 last month and it has not disappointed me. The book is a great addition to the truth proof collection. I could not recommend this book enough and I'm hoping for more to come from this great author, and, with any luck I will pay a visit to the areas in question. Paul is a very dedicated and hardworking author creating debate and interest and deserves a lot of credit.

Steve Lewis  ★★★★★  A My favourite book written by Paul so far, testimonies by first hand eye witnesses, not sensationalised.. I couldn’t put it down. Worth every penny. 5 stars Mr Sinclair

Richard Burdett  ★★★★★  Just finished reading Truth Proof 4 and it didn't disappoint! It's so informative and intriguing that I'm now going to re-read it. So if you are intrigued by UFOs, strange lights, aliens, cryptids, 'big cats', and much more, this is a must read! I believe in Paul's sightings and the quality of other witness reports because he always comes across on the radio and online as enthusiastic, intelligent, sincere, and down to earth. Couple that with his detailed research in the field, (usually very scary places), so the 'Truth' doesn't really need much, if any, further 'Proof' Enjoy !

Nicola  ★★★★★  A compelling read! Thoughtful, fascinating and well researched. Once again, another outstanding book. The proof is out there… what do we do with it?

Debs S  ★★★★★  Absolutely fantastic book! I've read all my Truth Proof books 3 times each and Night People twice! I know for a fact how much hard work and effort goes into Paul's research. And if he was in any doubt of the authenticity of something, it wouldn't be included. Well done on another excellent book Paul x x x

Philip Walters  ★★★★★  Hi Paul. "Brilliant".. is how I would describe Paul Sinclair's latest book Truth Proof 4, which I believe is his best to date. He is also a fine author whose work into the paranormal phenomena is now being recognised around the world for his dedicated research on UFOs and the even stranger accounts concerning cryptid reports that seem to have always been a part of the local folklore of East Yorkshire, where he has lived, in Bridlington, for the last 30 years. One of his greatest qualities is his personal need to investigate places of high strangeness such as the Bempton Cliff tops spending long hours, plus a small fortune trying to photograph usual light forms suspended over the North Sea seen by many witnesses over the years. There are very few men like Paul out there desperately wanting to inform the general public about what the government-controlled mainstream media don't want you to know about: creatures that aren't supposed to exist.