Truth Proof Report 23 - Orange lights over the sea

Reported directly to Paul Sinclair15-11-2019

Witness Report 23:

Report sent to Paul Sinclair via e mail.:

15.11.19, Unusual lights - Hi Paul, I am just writing to tell you what I have just seen this evening.

I went for a run along Filey beach leaving my car parked in the country park. I returned to it at 5.50 pm and was standing next to it drinking some water, facing out to sea when three orange lights in a horizontal line turned on.

They were in the centre of the bay and below the high cloud; dull orange in colour and about the size of a car headlight at 100 yards. The spacing between each light was about the width of each light but they appeared to be facing in the direction of Reighton, so if you were facing them square on they may have been slightly more spaced.

They just turned on in a line, I stared at them for maybe 2 seconds then they turned off at the same time and that was it!

Hope this short report is of some interest, best regards, David



Paul Sinclair

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