Truth Proof Report 212 - Triangle of blue lights

Date of sighting - 11th August 2023


Good evening Paul.

How are you? Hope you and yours are all well.

I thought i would share with you yet another odd sighting i have had while skywatching at home.

On Friday 11th August 2023 at 2258 hours I was observing the night sky from my garden. I had seen a lot of meteorites and satellites moving through the sky during my observation session.

I suddenly noted three dim blue points of light appear and they were moving along heading from the north to the south, just next to the star called Vega, which is next to the constellation of Cygnus (this now seems to be a commonly occurring theme). The points of light were all moving along at the exact same speed and were in a triangle formation. I only saw them for about six seconds before they disappeared as quickly as they appeared. There was nothing visible in between the three points of light and they were the same apparent size as other dim celestial objects in the sky. There were no other lights accompanying these ones sighted. There was no sound either. The night sky was very clear and I had an excellent view due to living in a rural village.

I again have no explanation of what these were. I have been an amateur observer of the night sky for forty years and have never seen a formation of lights in this fashion.

Many thanks, hope to hear from you soon. Steve, Wetwang.


Paul Sinclair: They can't all be flares or landing lights, can they? Thanks for the report. Doubly valuable to get a report from an experienced sky-watcher.


Paul Sinclair

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