Deb's Database of Reports from the Truth Proof books

It has been created by Deb Singleton, moderator of the Truth Proof broadcasts and energetic Truth Proof player. Stay tuned...

Where we share and with our interactive database

Deb's Database is not, of course, a database, but a spreadsheet. But if it were so titled the euphonious alliteration would be lost. It is in effect a multi-dimensional index for all of Paul's books. All of the records below can be indexed by any column in ascending or descending values. Fantastic for study of the main theses of these books - anomalies can be varied and may be related to place and time.

The first column is simply a reference number unique to each record.

The second column is the town or village of the sighting.

The third column is a very brief summary of the event

If you mouse over or tap this event column you will produce a tooltip with gives a brief description of the record

The next column is the county, region or country of the sighting

The next column has a code indication the Truth Proof book and page from which the record is quoted. E.g. TP2.112 is page 112 of Truth Proof book 2. Similarly NP.086 is Night People page 86.

The final column is the date (as accurately as can be ascertained) of the sighting.

"It's mind blowing that the wallaby decapitations were simultaneously happening in the UK and Australia! I just can't get my head around it. The patterns that you see emerging, whilst working on this project are amazing! I've read the Truth Proof books 3 times each and the accounts are absolutely brilliant, but you don't ever connect them as you're reading. It's only when you start cataloguing it all like I am, that you think, wow, that was the same time as that, etc. I'm loving it, it's great to work on!"
Enjoy!    Deb — database compiler
Now you can see the patterns. Try searching for 'cat'

The data here is set out in a form of a spreadsheet and shows reports from Paul Sinclair's Truth Proof books. Its features should be self explanatory, but here is a brief summary.

The Search feature is quite powerful. Enter any part of a word that interests you into the dialogue box, and Reports showing that feature will be displayed. For example "Brid" returns Reports relating to Bridlington. This applies to dates - in fact any item displayed in any field. 'Date witnessed' is set out in the form Year/month/day.

Also, for convenience, and dependent upon the size of your screen the user can select how many reports to be displayed, 25, 50, 100, 150. It is possible to move between pages of data by the dialogue at the bottom. (Previous, 1, 2, ... Next).

Perhaps the most useful feature of the table is the ability to set indexes based on any column, from largest to smallest and vice versa. Find the little up and down arrows next to the column head and click on these to choose the index and change its direction

And don't forget that some details of each record in this library can be accessed by tapping or mouseover the record description. For example tap "UFO seen in daylight" will reveal a tooltip just below it.

The best way to use this table is just to play around with it. It is very powerful

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001 Flamborough Head
Strange lights
Odd lights observed on unknown street
Yorkshire TP1.034 1937
002 Flamborough Head
10ft wide, shallow crater
Mystery crater appears on farmland at Hood Farm bomb disposal experts investigate
Yorkshire TP1.074 1963/07/19
003 Wiltshire
8ft round crater found in field
A cow in a nearby field was found to have its skin peeling in scales
England TP1.082 1963/07/20
004 Flamborough
Mystery object
Object seen at an altitude of 4,000ft, by the Flamborough Coastguard over Filey
Yorkshire TP1.079 1963/07/27
005 Edinburgh
Flying saucer report
Three witnesses report a silvery grey flying saucer, which looked like an upturned cup on a saucer, over Edinburgh and the Lothians
Scotland TP1.082 1963/07/26
006 Scarborough
Same mystery object observed as above report
Several witnesses report the same mystery object in the sky
Yorkshire TP1.080 1963/07/27
007 Dunbar
Two craters appear
Two craters appear on a farm 12ft apart
East Lothian TP1.082 1963/07
008 Danes Dyke
Abandoned campsite found
Three campers missing, all later found dead within a month of the empty campsite being discovered
Yorkshire TP1.091 1966/04/29
009 Flamborough Head
Trawlerman and crew witness a perfectly round whitish brown object directly above
Yorkshire TP1.086 1966/06/24
010 Bridlington and Flamborough
Strange lights
Many fishermen report strange lights out at sea during 1966
Yorkshire TP1.087 1966
011 Flixton
Werewolf witnessed. Two boys saw the creature crouched next to a tree and when it raised its head they fled in terror
Yorkshire TP1.157 1948
012 Dufton Fell
Mysterious craters appear in Westmorland.
Cumbria TP1.083 1963
038 Danes Dyke
UFO seen around Danes Dyke, no further information.
Yorkshire TP1.83 2000.00
013 Bridlington
UFO witnessed on the horizon and looked as big as the moon. Seen by a lot of other people.
Yorkshire TP1.089 1966/07
014 Flamborough Head
Witnesses reported seeing green and yellow “rockets” out to sea. Checked out by Lifeboats and two Naval patrol vessels. Nothing found.
Yorkshire TP1.090 1966/12/04
015 Danes Dyke
Fisherman witnesses a large white light travelling up the cliff face at Danes Dyke.
Yorkshire TP1.090 1966
016 Bridlington
Radio hosts on a pirate radio ship report a UFO directly above the mast as they’re live on air.
Yorkshire TP1.095 1966/07
016 Mexborough
Author, as a small boy and his father, see a large luminous ball of light, as big as the moon, travelling across the sky.
Yorkshire TP1.089 1967
017 Bridlington
Possible UFO
A large mystery object was seen over a large area
Yorkshire TP1.089 1967/07/07
018 Flixton/Muston
Two men on a motorcycle encounter an angry, red eyed werewolf crouching in a ditch at the side of the road.
Yorkshire TP1.164 1967
019 Flixton
Boy witnesses a werewolf with red eyes, pursuing cows in a field.
Yorkshire TP1.162 1970
020 Flixton
Reports of the Flixton Werewolf leaping out at a timber wagon.
Yorkshire TP1.163 1970
021 Bridlington
RAF rescue launch on a routine exercise, suffers damage to hull after hitting an unknown submerged object.
Yorkshire TP1.100 1970/27/08
022 Bridlington
Six perfectly round, shiny, metallic spheres, witnessed by mother and son, travelling in a horizontal line.
Yorkshire TP1.106 1970
023 Barmston Beach
Speedboat containing 2 adults and 3 children wrecked after hitting an unknown submerged object.
Yorkshire TP1.102 1970/09/06
024 Flamborough
Jet crash
RAF Lightning fighter jet crashes into North Sea, after allegedly pursuing a UFO
Yorkshire TP1.096 1970/09/08
025 Bridlington area
Big cat
Numerous big cat sightings reported throughout 1970.
Yorkshire TP1.172 1970
026 Bessingby
Three women witness huge oval shaped craft, the size of a double decker bus.
Yorkshire TP1.147 1977/21/01
027 Bridlington
Two witnesses see a green, glowing, oval UFO, hovering in the sky.
Yorkshire TP1.148 1977
028 Whitby
Light form
Two witnesses see red light form, one hears a voice in his head.
Yorkshire TP1.018 1984
029 Flamborough Head
Jet crash
RAF Tornado disappears from radar and crashes into the sea 16 miles off Flamborough Head.
Yorkshire TP1.096 1985
030 Flamborough Head
Jet vanishes
Six RAF Tornado jets on exercise over the North Sea. Unknown lights seen, one jet disappears from radar screen and vanishes.
Yorkshire TP1.114 1985/12/12
031 Flamborough Head
Bodies recovered
Bodies recovered out at sea, but there were suspicious circumstances.
Yorkshire TP1.115 1985/19/12
032 Cottam
Four people witness a circular UFO, with coloured lights around the edge, over their farmhouse.
Yorkshire TP1.137 1990
033 Weaverthorpe
Light form
Bright light witnessed by pilot, who said it looked like a second sun.
Yorkshire TP1.040 1996/11
034 Sproatley
Mother and daughter witness reddish orange lights high in the sky, then capture a photograph of an alien looking through the window.
East Yorkshire TP1.035 1994/12
035 Bridlington
Experienced pilot sees a UFO while flying over the burial mound at Willy Howe.
Yorkshire TP1.104 1996
036 Flamborough Head
Jet crash
RAF Tornado crashes into the North Sea, dark unknown object seen descending from the sky.
Yorkshire TP1.009 1998
037 North Sea
Radar at RAF Fylingdales tracks giant UFO, estimated to be 900ft long, out over the North Sea.
Yorkshire TP1.106 1998
039 North Sea
RAF and Netherlands Air Force pursue a giant UFO, flying in a zig zag pattern, at speeds of over 17,000mph.
Yorkshire TP1.108 1998/04
040 North Sea/Flamborough
Various reports from fishermen out at sea of black UFOs being sighted a lot throughout the year.
Yorkshire TP1.109 1998
041 Flamborough
Fisherman reported seeing a large ‘black object’ drop from the sky, which remained on the surface of the sea for some time, then vanished.
Yorkshire TP1.110 1998/07/12
042 Hornsea
A report from a man who witnessed a huge low flying black triangular object moving slowly across some fields.
Yorkshire TP1.112 1998/06
043 Speeton Cliffs
Large orange sphere spotted over a ship out at sea, from Speeton Cliffs.
Yorkshire TP1.025 2005/02/07
044 Langtoft
Woman witnesses a blue sphere over a field, which fills her with an emotional high.
Yorkshire TP1.032 2006
045 Bridlington
Light forms
Red/orange lights witnessed in the sky, twice the size of stars.
Yorkshire TP1.026 2007/05/03
046 Bempton
Light forms
Six orange lights in a row, witnessed at Bempton, seen over Hull a few moments later.
Yorkshire TP1.030 2007/11
047 Staxton Wold
Little person
A farmhand claims to have seen a two foot tall man and reports that all the farmhands have witnessed the ‘little people’ around the Willy Howe burial mound.
Yorkshire TP1.132 2013
048 Staxton Wold
Light forms
A couple and their neighbour witness 3 spheres of orange light in a perfect line, hanging in the sky.
Yorkshire TP1.129 2007/23/07
049 Bridlington
Light forms
Anglers report a strange sequence of lights over the sea. The Lifeboat and a Sea King helicopter deployed to search.
Yorkshire Tp1.031 2008
050 Flamborough Head
Light form
Three fishermen report a large, gold glowing thing, moving around 50ft above the surface of the sea.
Yorkshire TP1.032 2000/00
051 Bempton
Two unconnected people are found dead in a 12 hour period.
Yorkshire TP1.053 2009/15/06
052 Bempton RSPB
Light forms
Author witnessed two orange lights high in the sky and a white/yellow light on the cliff top.
Yorkshire TP1.016 2009/10/11
053 Bempton RSPB
Light forms
A white/yellow light and two orange lights seen.
Yorkshire TP1.016 2009/11/10
054 Flamborough Town Centre
Light form
Mysterious light captured on CCTV going through the window of a public house.
Yorkshire TP1.058 2011/04/24
055 Bempton
Thunderous thudding, of something very, very heavy, heard from beneath the ground by the author.
Yorkshire TP1.045 2015/10
056 Bridlington
Mysterious phone call
Author receives phone call, warning him to stop looking into events over the North Sea .
Yorkshire TP1.125 2014/08
057 Reighton Gap
Big cat
Large beige cat seen at Reighton Gap.
Yorkshire TP1.181 2014/05
058 Scarborough
Big cat
Big cat, lean with a mottled coat, seen in a wooded area near Scarborough golf course and a number of times afterwards.
Yorkshire TP1.184 2014/06
059 Bempton and Flamborough
Big cat
Large, black panther type cat seen stalking the fields.
Yorkshire TP1.185 2015
060 Bridlington
Strange man
The author and his wife encounter a strange man, who tells him to “stop bringing down the light”.
Yorkshire TP1.062 2013/11
061 Flamborough Head/Bempton
Missing man
John Deakin, an experienced walker, vanishes. Strange circumstances surround the case.
Yorkshire TP1.054 2004/11/04
062 Bempton
Missing man
Russell Bohling, a well adjusted 18 year old student, goes missing under strange circumstances.
Yorkshire TP1.055 2010/03/02
063 Flamborough Head
Missing man
David Binns, drove from his home in Otley, West Yorkshire, His car was found abandoned at Flamborough Head, he had vanished.
Yorkshire TP1.057 2010/09/09
064 Flamborough Head
Body found
The body of an unknown male is found at the bottom of the cliffs at Flamborough Head.
Yorkshire TP1.057 2011/04/14
065 Flamborough Head
Body found
Two kayakers find the body of a man floating in the sea at North Landing.
Yorkshire TP1.058 2011/04/25
066 Bridlington
Missing man
Brian Torbetts car found abandoned at Bempton Cliffs. His leg was found on the beach at Reighton Sands, 17 days after he was last seen.
Yorkshire TP1.061 2013/21/10
067 Bempton
Missing man
Experienced walker and camper, totally out of character, Simon Hodgson vanishes without a trace.
Yorkshire TP1.061 2013/20/12
068 Bempton
Missing man
Edward Machin travels from his home in York, then vanishes without a trace.
Yorkshire TP1.067 2014/23/01
069 Burniston
Missing man
Nigel Savage travels from his home in Beverley to go fishing. Vanishes without a trace.
Yorkshire TP1.067 2014/30/01
070 Bempton Cliffs
Mans body found
The body of Mark Haddenham is found on Crab Rocks at the bottom of Bempton Cliffs, under unusual circumstances.
Yorkshire TP1.068 2014/05/25
071 Sledmere
Author and his colleague witness a very big, white glowing oblong craft, hovering above a field.
Yorkshire TP1.143 2002/21/08
072 Sledmere
Large silver disc witnessed by man and wife, while driving, hovering above some trees in a field.
Yorkshire TP1.144 1990/06
073 Staxton
Big cat
Several big cat sighting reports and large paw prints, several inches across and 3ft apart witnessed, also by police.
Yorkshire TP1.180 2000/00
074 Ruston Parva
Big cat
Lioness reported to be stalking around the areas of Ruston Parva and Woldgate.
Yorkshire TP1.173 1994
075 Rudston
Big cat
Man driving to work hits what he describes as a black panther, which appeared in front of his car.
Yorkshire TP1.176 1994/29/09
076 Rudston Parva
Big cat
Couple driving see a sandy coloured panther, laid under a hedge which then stood up and spray marked its immediate area.
Yorkshire TP1.177 1997/06/08
077 Bewholme
Big cat
Black panther runs across road in front of motorcyclist.
Yorkshire TP1.180 2000/07
078 Scarborough
Big cat
Man sees massive black cat emerge from undergrowth as he was setting up for work.
Yorkshire TP1.181 2012/05
079 Danes Dyke
Big cat
Farm worker witnesses large black cat , down among the crops. It wouldn’t have been seen had he not been in a tractor.
Yorkshire TP1.181 1983/11/02
080 Danes Dyke
A man driving home from a night shift encounters a werewolf crouched on all fours at the side of the road.
Yorkshire TP1.170 2014/04/16
081 Flixton
Upright canine
A man walking his dogs witnesses an upright canine, running towards him, which is distracted by a car passing and runs off, on two legs.
Yorkshire TP1.163 2013/11
082 Staxton
Upright canine
Woman in passenger seat of family car, witnesses a huge bipedal dog stood on the roundabout, as they’re driving home.
Yorkshire TP1.167 2015/30/07
083 Cottam
Light form/UFO
A couple are followed home by a huge bright light, glowing UFO hovers over their home .
Yorkshire TP1.137 2000/00
084 Bempton
Two fast flashes of light seen, both square shaped.
Yorkshire TP2.015 2017/02/13
085 Bempton
Sudden flash, light a fluorescent strip light, rectangular
Yorkshire TP2.016 2017/02/13
086 Bempton
Series of orange lights, in differing intensity, seen out at sea.
Yorkshire TP2.022 2016/10/24
087 Bempton
Several lights seen; one, two, then into five.
Yorkshire TP2.025 2016/10/25
088 Fimber
Big cat
Couple report several sightings of what they termed a ghost cat.
Yorkshire TP2.029 2000/01
089 Bempton
Big black triangle seen, measuring an estimated 25ft by 15ft.
Yorkshire TP2.032 1995
090 Bempton
Huge blue sparkling mass seen on cliff edge.
Yorkshire TP2.036 2004
091 Bempton
Couple out walking witness a man who fits the description of an MIB.
Yorkshire TP2.038 2012/07
092 Bempton
Dead bees
Author and his wife witness 100’s of dead bees of different species on the cliff tops.
Yorkshire TP2.045 2014/06
093 Bempton
Electrical anomaly
Author's wife receives electric shocks from an non-electrified fence.
Yorkshire TP2.046 2014/06
094 Bempton
Electrical anomaly
Again, author's wife receives electric shocks from a non-electrified fence, nearly two years to the day, of the last occurrence.
Yorkshire TP2.0049 2016/07
095 Bempton
Timepiece anomaly
Author's wife's watch stops and never works again.
Yorkshire TP2.051 2016/07
096 Bempton
Watch experiment begins
Author buries several watches on the land at Bempton.
Yorkshire TP2.051 2016/09/11
097 Bempton
Watch experiment
Author checks on buried watches, with some odd results.
Yorkshire TP2.052 2016/11/23
098 Bempton
Bright flash of sliver light next to authors wifes shoulder.
Yorkshire TP2.054 2016/03/12
099 Bempton
Brilliant, shining, silver object, to the right of the visitors centre.
Yorkshire TP2.055 2016/03/12
100 Bempton
Craft seen, with a row of orange/red lights in a row.
Yorkshire TP2.058 2016/11/28
101 Bempton
Square, white light on cliff top.
Yorkshire TP2.061 2016/11/11
102 Bempton
Mysterious death
A mans body is found with massive crash injuries.
Yorkshire TP2.063 1992/12/15
103 Bridlington
Various odd occurrences
Missing and slaughtered domestic cats, power cuts, missing men, UFO’s.
Yorkshire TP2.072 2010/02
104 Filey
Body found
The body of James Patrick Gorman found in churchyard.
Yorkshire TP2.078 2010/02/12
105 Ilkley
Man dreams of brother-in-law, James Patrick Gorman's death. .
West Yorkshire TP2.094 2010/01
106 Bridlington
Body found
The body of Kenneth Michael Botton is recovered from the harbour.
Yorkshire TP2.105 2004/10/31
107 Flamborough
Man vanishes
John Deakin vanishes from the face of the earth, reported as totally out of character.
Yorkshire TP2.107 2004/11/04
108 Bridlington
Domestic cat mutilations
Three cats die in mysterious circumstances in a 24 hour period, one found with teeth missing.
Yorkshire TP2.109 2004/12/18
109 Bridlington
Domestic cat deaths
Twelve cats reported missing, dead or displaced.
Yorkshire TP2.111 2004/08
110 Bridlington
Big cat
Huge black panther sighting.
Yorkshire TP2.112 2004/10/21
111 Bempton
Silver UFO, with silver, yellow and blue lights witnessed.
Yorkshire TP2.115 2006
112 Bempton
Mutilated deer
Flesh removed with precision cutting, no prime meat taken.
Yorkshire TP2.116 2006/02/15
113 Reighton Cliffs
Body found
The body of Malcolm Ireland found below the cliffs.
Yorkshire TP2.120 2006/02/23
114 Scarborough
Man vanishes
Gavin Wilson vanishes. His disappearance was totally out of character.
Yorkshire TP2.120 2006/02/27
115 Burton Agnes
Domestic cat deaths
Two cats from the same family die mysteriously.
Yorkshire TP2.121 2006/03/08
116 Bridlington
Author witnesses an orange light and a dark oval shape within a cloud.
Yorkshire TP2.122 2006/16/04
133 Danes Dyke
Body found
The body of Doreen Horobin is found on the beach at Danes Dyke.
Yorkshire TP2.122 2006/04/20
117 Bridlington
Man vanishes
Ian Hobson from Rotherham, goes missing. His abandoned vehicle is found in Bridlington.
Yorkshire TP2.123 2006/03/04
118 Bridlington Harbour
Man’s body recovered
Police divers on exercise, recover the body of a man believed to be missing Ian Hobson. But there are inconsistencies in the report
Yorkshire TP2.123 2006/04/03
119 Bridlington
Power outages
Several power outages over a two day period. There seems to be a pattern, linked with various phenomena.
Yorkshire TP2.127 2006/06
120 Bridlington
Military helicopters
Two Merlin, military helicopters circle the authors home.
Yorkshire TP2.129 2009/09/18
121 Bempton
Large blue UFO witnessed by the author.
Yorkshire TP2.134 2009/02/04
122 Bempton
Gold UFO pursued by three helicopters, vanishes.
Yorkshire TP2.136 2009/02/16
123 Wilsthorpe
Huge grey airship shaped UFO seen by bait diggers.
Yorkshire TP2.138 2009/03/17
124 Thornwick Bay
Huge mothership, with a band of yellow lights across it, witnessed over the sea. Other light forms were coming and going from it.
Yorkshire TP2.139 2009/03
125 Bempton
Lightform witnessed by author and his wife. Chinook military helicopter lands in field near sighting.
Yorkshire TP2.142 2009/29/04
126 Driffield
Huge deep red UFO witnessed over Riverside.
Yorkshire TP2.142 2009/16/05
127 Driffield
Spherical shaped craft witnessed passing by and returning at Riverside.
Yorkshire TP2.143 2009/19/05
128 Bridlington
Four separate witnesses report lights in the sky from red to white and multiples.
Yorkshire TP2.143 2000/01
129 Bridlington
A red UFO is witnessed being chased close to the surface of the sea, by an RAF Typhoon fighter jet, by fishermen whose boat was rocked by the chase.
Yorkshire TP2.146 2009/07/21
130 Brandesburton
Witness reports even orange lights in formation travelling towards them, before fading away.
Yorkshire TP2.149 2009/07/25
131 Bridlington
White noise
Reports of electrical problems and interference. Radio ham reports white noise, blocking channels and signals.
Yorkshire TP2.150 2009/08/05
132 Flamborough
A black triangle is witnessed over the sea.
Yorkshire TP2.152 2009/06/12
134 Fraisthorpe
A PCSO reports watching a large, black, triangular craft rise up from a field.
Yorkshire TP2.173 2009/10/01
135 Barmston
A driver reports a huge dark shadow passing over the car, which dimmed the interior lights.
Yorkshire TP2.173 1983/09
136 Bridlington
Sonic boom
A huge sonic boom rings out and is heard over a wide area of East Yorkshire.
Yorkshire TP2.174 2009/09/11
137 Wilsthorpe
Dark 20 x 30 foot silent triangles, witnessed over a two day period, entering the sea.
Yorkshire TP2.182 2009/09
138 Wilsthorpe
30 to 40 spaceships in a circle, witnessed by a couple, from their home, taking things from the sea, which appeared to be boiling and splashing.
Yorkshire TP2.186 2009/09
139 Wilsthorpe
Bait diggers ordered off the beach by armed military personnel.
Yorkshire TP2.182 2009/01
140 Wilsthorpe
A lady witnesses a row of 12 red lights at the bottom of her garden, along the cliff top path.
Yorkshire TP2.194 2009/09
141 Wilsthorpe
A large military contingent were witnessed searching the beach, along with 2 Chinooks and 2 Lynx helicopters, searching over the sea.
Yorkshire TP2.196 2009/09
142 Formby
An off-duty police officer witnesses a silent black triangle passing over the skies of Formby.
Merseyside TP2.209 2009/09/25
143 Wilsthorpe
A report of three orange lights, travelling up to meet what looked like a “black yacht sail” craft hovering in the sky.
Yorkshire TP2.213 2009/01
144 Wilsthorpe
Man videos helicopter gunships and lightforms, during the activity around Wilsthorpe. His personal YouTube channel is closed down the next day.
Yorkshire TP2.219 2009/09
145 Scarborough
A huge boomerang shaped craft is witnessed moving through the sky.
Yorkshire TP2.220 2014/12/08
146 Hunmanby
Red and white lights witnessed, looking like part of a bigger object, travelling very slowly in the sky.
Yorkshire TP2.220 2014/12/08
147 Hunmanby
Huge dark boomerang with red and white lights, witnessed passing over a farm.
Yorkshire TP2.004 2014/12/08
148 Hunmanby
Man witnesses a huge UFO above him, the size of a jumbo jet, which was emitting a low hum.
Yorkshire TP2.224 2014/12/08
149 Cayton
Man vanishes
Keen walker, Alan Wilkinson, vanishes while out on a walk, which he was suitably dressed for.
Yorkshire TP2.228 2014/12/08
150 Staxton Wold
Body found
The body of Alan Wilkinson is found, 6 miles away from where he vanished.
Yorkshire TP2.228 2015/16/01
151 Staxton Wold
A “fuzzy patch” is witnessed in the sky and a silver/white light emerges from it.
Yorkshire TP2.230 2014/12/13
152 Bempton
The author witnesses something large, on all fours, at night, coming up from the cliff edge and running fast.
Yorkshire TP2.232 2016/12/10
153 Bempton
Author witnesses eyeshine, large, oval unknown eyes, 3ft off the ground.
Yorkshire TP2.233 2016/12/10
154 Bempton
Odd people
Two people suddenly appear, walking on the cliff tops, dressed head to toe in black, with no source of light to guide their way.
Yorkshire TP2.235 2016/12/12
155 Sandsend
A competition angler sees a forward facing eye reflection of yellow/orange, high off the ground.
Yorkshire TP2.237 2016/11
156 Folkton
A farmer witnesses a daylight sighting of a “wolf man” running on two legs, across open fields.
Yorkshire TP2.242 2016/01
157 Ulrome, Hornsea
Couple witness 6 fluorescent green lights forming a triangle, under the surface of the sea.
Yorkshire TP2.245 2016/08/07
158 Hornsea
Coastguard are called out to a report of fluorescent green lights, seen off the coast, forming a rectangle under the sea.
Yorkshire TP2.245 2016/08/07
159 Wilsthorpe
Red light resembling half a ball, witnessed sitting stationary in the sky, before taking off at speed.
Yorkshire TP2.246 2016/08
160 Withernsea
Odd fog
Trawlermen warned by coastguard, of a strange, thick, red/orange fogbank, blanketing a large area out at sea.
Yorkshire TP2.247 2017/01/14
161 Withernsea
Trawlermen warned by coastguard, to look out for orange lights in the sky, out at sea, not flares.
Yorkshire TP2.247 2017/01/16
162 Flamborough
Odd fog
Woman driving reports a thick red fog, which her headlights fail to penetrate.
Yorkshire TP2.004 1987/04/03
163 Danes Dyke
Red lights witnessed out at sea, no rescue boat was put to sea, so clearly not flares.
Yorkshire TP2.004 1987/03/04