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Wolflands DVD

Wolflands DVD

Paul Sinclair   author

Wolflands is the first DVD by Paul Sinclair and the Truth Proof team

DVD time: 88 minutes / published 2023
Posted in bubblewrap packaging. Available now - Price £11.99
 10+ copies available

Price £11.99



Howard Hughes, Presenter & Producer of The Unexplained Podcast ~ I really liked it - it taes a lot to hold my attetion for that long. It's all about real people and their genuine stories

Whitley Strieber, New Yor times and best selling author ~ Beautiful and dynamic covering one of the eeriest mysteries in the world.

Ken Gerhard, Researcher, History Channel ~ A captivating look at one of the wierdest and most chilling creature mysteries of recent years, thoroughly haunting and entertaining..

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Martha P  ★★★★★  What an amazing part of the world we live in. Well done to the talented team. Another hit. Next project? Truth Proof the musical??