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truth proof 3 book

Truth Proof 3

Paul Sinclair   author

Truth Proof 3 is the third book which continues to document Paul's researches and adventures among the Yorkshire byways and residents.

... Paul has subtitled it Bringing Down The Light which was an accusation made to him and his wife by a very strange individual. Read more about this unusual encounter and many more....

271 pages / published 2019
5¾ x 8¼ inches (A5)
 10+ copies available

Price ÂŁ11.50



“Chilling! ...an amazing variety of accounts” ~ Whitley Strieber

“Intriguing and sinister .... fascinating” ~ Nick Pope

“Paul Sinclair yet again proves his worth — well done!” ~ Peter Robbins

“Paul is acknowledged as being a specialist in his own field of investigation” ~ John Hanson

“Compelling and credible. A real investigator” ~ Howard Hughes

“Fascinating, informative and painstakingly researched” ~ Derek Tyler

“...The Truth Proof series is attracting growing attention” ~ Daniel Loose

“Compelling evidence .... a treasure-trove of stories...” ~ Professor Anna. UK