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Truth Proof 2 book

Truth Proof 2

Paul Sinclair   author

This is the second book in the series by Paul Sinclair, subtitled Beyond The Thinking Mind.

After completing his first Truth Proof, Paul found that the reports of paranormal occurrences would not stop coming to him which he felt he just had to investigate.

In this book he introduces you to more of his fellow Yorkshire residents and strange events that colour their lives. Not a good present for a nervous grandmother......

242 pages / published 2017
5¾ x 8¼ inches (A5)
 10+ copies available

Price ÂŁ11.99



“A joy to read” ~ Whitley Strieber

“You will not be disappointed” ~ Steve Mera

“A fascinating and disturbing collection of accounts” ~ Nick Pope

“A most worthy follow up to his first book” ~ Peter Robbins

“I was impressed by the level of investigation” ~ Charles Halt

“This book will leave the reader in wonderment” ~ Chris Evers

“Refreshingly 'First Hand' and compelling ~ Howard Hughes

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Simon Laxon  ★★★★★  Another great read and I highly recommend it to anyone. Once again Paul has managed to gather strange incidents and make them available in this book. The illustrations, done by Paul, coupled with actual news cuttings make great reading.