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Truth Proof 1 book

Truth Proof 1

Paul Sinclair   author

Truth Proof is the first book by Paul Sinclair, which is subtitled, The Truth That Leaves No Proof. This is the first impartial cataloguing of Paul's researches and adventures in the region. It has launched Paul on a journey of broadcasting, writing and broadcasting which continues to grow. It has launched Paul on a journey of broadcasting, writing and broadcasting which continues to grow.

247 pages / published 2016
 10+ copies available
5¾ x 8¼ inches (A5)

Price £11.99



Chris Evers, Editor of Outer Limits Magazine ~ Paul Sinclair deserves credit for striving to find answers ... whether you are East or North Yorkshire based, or indeed any part of the world, and are interested in such investigations...this is the book to read.

Steve Mera, Author on the paranormal, lecturer and owner of Phenomena Magazine ~ Could not put it down...so much information I was unaware of. Incredible work...will appeal to anyone who dares pick it up!

Peter Robbins, writer, researcher and international lecturer, writer ~ Great job...there's no substitute for doing the hard work... A unique and important contribution to the world of paranormal literature. Your fine book stands on its own merits and always will.

Whitley Strieber, Bestselling author and writer ~ Paul is unique in this world...a witness who actually has verifiable evidence of...some very eerie and disturbing events. Fasten your seatbelts and prepare for one very, very memorable journey into some deeply hidden information.

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Annie P  ★★★★★  Absolutely riveting, you cannot put these books down!

Sue O  ★★★★★  A fascinating insight in other peoples experiences. Very enjoyable read, nice to see an author being unbiased and allowing the reader to come to their own conclusions.

Simon Laxon  ★★★★★  This is a really good read and I highly recommend it. Paul is one of the few researchers who takes time to go to the source of information. The incidents are thoroughly eximaned and detailed in this book. The illustrations are done by Paul and help the reader fully visualise each occurrence.