by Tim Brennan — The Great Antler Ley

5 — The Shamen of Doggerland

The people of Mesolithic Star Carr lived on the edge of what has been called the Age of the Reindeer. This was a period after the last ice age when Reindeer, Elk, Red Deer, and Roe Deer were in abundance across the British Isles, Europe and North America.

The Sami people of northern Norway, Finland and Sweden are nomadic peoples whose lives have traditionally revolved around and co-existed with the migrating reindeer herds. The meat of the reindeer was until very recently their central source of sustenance. Reindeer hide and fat provided clothing and warmth. Antlers were fashioned into tools.

pendant design
from ‘Star Carr Sequence - Pendant’, Tim Brennan, 2021

Once the tool is used and ceases to function its discarded and a new one is made. In some cultures the new one doesn’t have to look the same as the last one. Western academics don’t really know because these are terms that change from group to group – all we know is that there are general similarities.

So who is to say that the antler headdresses of Star Carr aren’t discarded power tools – used to do something or many things very special that are beyond the realms of our rational world view (don’t mean our listeners tonight)

Who is to say that the phenomena of Bempton, Grindale, Barmston, etc etc aren’t the residue or the persistence of Mesolithic Shamen visiting our time fromtheir time, across time.

The Shamen, a shapeshifter, a trickster.

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