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Ok, so we're all fed up and locked in so here is a little distraction. Your chance to launch the Bempton UFO. Give it a little outing around the cliffs.

No, we don't want reports of this....

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Posted by Truth Proof on Wednesday, 7 April 2021

A new film is in the making from Truth Proof and Digital Creations. It tells the tale of ancient folklore and how it impacts on the present day.

Dave Hodrien, well known UFO researcher and reporter, is branching out. In attempt to entertain us and promote the reality of UFOs he is developing the game, UFOWave. To find our more about it and how to get involved, just follow the link on this snap of his family playing....

Photo of Dave Hobdien playing Images, his game

This is a fascinating reminder of a long standing mystery from 1978 from Bedtime Stories.... The report evokes mixed opinions. Who knows?