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Ok, so here is a little distraction. Your chance to launch the Bempton UFO. Give it a little outing around the cliffs.

No, we don't want reports of this....

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Phenomena or phenomenum? Which it the correct word? Well, they are used very variably - just listen to any broadcast about the paranormal or UFOs and you can count up the inconsistencies. There is only one UFO broadcaster who consistently gets it right. He works in the USA and I won't embarrass him by sharing his name.

The answer is simple - PHENOMEMON is singular and PHENOMENA is plural. The words come from Greek and found regular use with Philosophers such as Immanuel Kant.

A phenomenon is really something that can be seen. So one can say "there are a range of strange phenomena which are visible on the cliffs at Bempton. But the yellow lights in the sky are the strangest phenomenon."