Some useful links, mentioned in Truth Proof talks

Here is a compendium of various links to explore as you will in spare moments. They range from established UFOlogists, philosophers and broadcasters. If you have a favourite of your own, please send it to us - you can do this via the Reporting page. As ever you can remain anonymous if you wish when we share it.

Hi Team, I need to share this.. The above link displays a map of Magnetic anomalies over the UK. If you look it suggests that the area north of Hull, that you are researching, is entirely negative. Which means that the direction of the field in reversed in this area. Steve Mera suggests that phenomena are prevalent in such areas. Where I live in Stratford Upon Avon, it's a +ve field, and i have to say theres never been anything strange witnessed around my area. If you look towards Derbs/Lancs, and Yorks, there are large negative areas, covering for instance winter hill, the peaks etc. Isle of Wight , where I have stayed many times at my parents holiday apartment, has very few historical accounts or recent activity, and is wholly positive magnetically... BR Richard

It was fun interviewing Paul on 19th August. Here is a chance to see it again.

The recordings of Robert Gribble from the 70s from the National UFO Reporting Centre were referenced. Follow this link for a treasure trove of fascinating historic listening...