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Terry Lovelace Review ‘YOU – THE PUBLIC DECEIVED. The Grand UFO Deception’ by Philip Kinsella.

We are being visited. By beings in starships from other galaxies or from other dimensions separated from our reality by the thinnest of veils. Philip Kinsella presents a strong case to support that supposition with an amazing collection of the most credible cases in ufology. Beginning with Roswell of course and including other, less known cases that deserve to be heard. The author offers theoretical explanations for each case, but leaves the conclusion to the reader. Chapter 8 is titled "Channelled Entities & The Interdimensional Mind." The question presented is: Can non-human entities breach the barrier of space/time and establish a dialogue with humans? It's an area of ufology too rarely discussed. Chapters #12 through #15 tie it all together with a thread of commonality that runs through all experiences. But the topic is still misrepresented by lies, muted, underreported and dismissed by many who've never seen a UFO, therefore they can't exist. "There are more things in heaven and earth Horatrio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy. (William Shakespeare) The book is out now on Amazon in paperback and kindle formats.

Available on Amazon Kindle

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If they need introduction, let me introduce you to the Swansea UFO Network who are very active in recording, investigating and publicising anomalous UFO related events all over Wales. They hold monthly meetings in Swansea and are active on the UFO scene.

Swansea UFO Network

They are a very friendly, open minded group which welcomes guests - I call in to their monthly meeting whenever I am in Wales. They share news of sightings, sky-watching events and have guest speakers. The driving force of the organisation is Mike Maunder, Steve Drewson and Emlyn Williams. Follow this link to their facebook page. It is private page, but they welcome sincere UFOlogists on application.

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Let me introduce you to Jason Davies, a star artist and illustrator. Also a vital member of our team - he did the Night People book cover image, successfully picturing Paul as a boy without the use of a time machine or dark glasses..... Got a commission? Please e mail for more details. Just click his banner to make a start...     jason Davies banner

Don Lodge
Artist in Oils
York Portraits

York portraits
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Philip Mantle, British author publicist, lecturer, broadcaster and researcher of Unidentified Flying Objects needs little introduction. He is also a great friend and supporter of myself.
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Let's also give a shout-out for our friends at Outer Limits Magazine: Chris Evers, Malcolm Robinson, and Philip Mantle.

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outer limits bannerPierre Sabak is an expert on ancient symbolism and etymology.

Discover the Ancient World, Angelic UFOs and Suppressed Knowledge with Pierre Sabak's Books and DVDs...

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Note - if you cannot access Pierre's site you may need to switch off the VPN on your router/computer.
Connie Willis has been in the TV and film industries for over 20 years. Connie enjoys discussing topics of the bizarre and unexplained.

She is currently the host of Blue Rock Talk TV, and a weekend fill-in host for the national radio show Coast to Coast AM.

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