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Let us introduce you to a few of our friends and their achievements. Follow their links to find out more.....

Meet Russel Callaghan ~ UFOlogist and researcher

Visit his site.... one of his books
Russel Callaghan is the former editor of UFO Data Magazine and is a UFO researcher, publisher and film maker.

As well as trying to bring you the best reports of the paranormal first hand on this forum, we also take great pleasure in admiring the energy and hard work of other researchers and reporters.

ANOMALOUS_EYE are watching UFO/UAP, Unusual Personal Experiences, Unexplained Animal Mutilations, Cryptids, Paranormal phenomena and other Anomalies in the UK and overseas.

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Read some of Lee Nicholson's fascinating reports

Let me introduce you to the Swansea UFO Network who are very active in recording, investigating and publicising anomalous UFO related events all over Wales. They hold monthly meetings in Swansea and are active on the UFO scene.

Swansea UFO Network

They are a very friendly, open minded group which welcomes guests - I call in to their monthly meeting whenever I am in Wales. They share news of sightings, sky-watching events and have guest speakers. The driving force of the organisation is Mike Maunder, Steve Drewson and Emlyn Williams. Follow this link to their facebook page. It is private page, but they welcome sincere UFOlogists on application.

sufon UFO group logo

Let me introduce you to Jason Davies, a star artist and illustrator. Also a vital member of our team - he did the Night People book cover image, successfully picturing Paul as a boy without the use of a time machine or dark glasses.....

....and he is working on the cover of the latest Truth Proof book, which is known to the secret development team as TP5!

Got a commission? Please e mail for more details. Just click his banner to make a start...    

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